AAIA is owned and operated by service connected disable veterans.

AAIA is a design consultant business. As a graphic consulting business, it seeks to design esprit items and apparel for military units and the veteran associations of those units and private businesses. AAIA strategy is to design an produce items primarily to enhance the morale, esprit de corps, proficiency, and discipline of military units and othe private entities. In support of soldiers, sailors, pilots, marines, and their dependents, the objective of the Company is to provide a source of fundraising to military units, veteran associations, family readiness groups and others. Its products and services are listed below.

  • Apparel
  • Fundraising
  • Unit patches
  • Gift items

AAIA produces high-quality apparel and items that appeal to military personnel to show pride in their units and toother private sectors. Simultaneously, the Company’s products will be designed to show the unity of those who have served in specific units, are serving with units, or may serve in the future. To accomplish this goal, AAIA will research unit histories and mottos to use in the apparel, thereby enhancing the sense of pride and unity for these past, current, and future soldiers.