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The DOD Consolidated Purchasing Program is a reduced cost savings program that consolidates customized orders from all members of the DOD Program. By consolidating all custom product orders to one mass order, it increases the volume of the purchase of blank goods so that the members of the program can benefit from any sized custom order at a reduced fixed cost due to the larger volume of purchase.

All DOD Organizations, Federal Organizations, and Organizations from any US Military Branch of Service, automatically are put in to the DODD Consolidated Purchasing Program. Any organization outside of this criteria can apply to become a member by submitting a DOD Member Application, provided to you by any AAIA Sales Representative

-All orders on custom products are reviewed with an AAIA CONSULTANT to ensure that you are getting the best possible price for your bottom line. The program has been designed for maximum cost savings through budget consolidation. same code: DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY